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At Focus Accountancy, we pride ourselves on being a caring company. 

Of course, our focus is firmly on our customers,

but we also care about our staff, the environment and our community. 

Find out more about how we do that below.

We care about our customers


  • Dedicated help line

  • Access to a qualified accountant at all times

  • Use of FreeAgent to help save time and money

  • Friendly service

  • Competitive prices

  • Reliable and accurate

We care about our staff


  • Paid training

  • Flexible hours

  • Flexible working from home or office

  • Mental Health Support

  • Regular social events

We care about the environment
  • 100% paperless office

  • Very well-insulated office

  • Encourage working from home

  • Recycling everything

  • Cycle to work scheme (less than 20% of the team drive to work)

  • Part of the 'Plant a Tree' scheme

  • Aiming to be Net Zero by 2025

  • Member of Center for Alternative Technology


We care about the community


  • Charity support

  • Sustrans

  • Centre of Alternative Technology

  • Donation to Shelter instead of Christmas Cards

  • Members of RSPB

  • Part of Plant a Tree scheme

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