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Reviews & Case Studies

We work hard to deliver results to contractors, consultants, freelancers and companies looking for an accountant. We’re in the top 1% of the thousands of UK accountants ranked on FreeIndex and you can also see reviews on LinkedIn and Yell.


Here are a few of our client testimonials:

Robert Fisher

Robert Fisher

"Overwhelmingly positive"

I have found my experience with the team at Focus Accountancy to be overwhelmingly positive.

I was previously with a large Bristol based firm, but found them unresponsive, and unhelpful in

assisting me with my small business.

The team at Focus couldn't be better - Barry helped me resolve a number of historical issues, then set me up on Freeagent which has made life moving forward much easier.

Highly recommended!

Ian Cains

Ian Cains

"Extremely helpful"

Barry and the team have been extremely helpful with the management of our personal and business finances over the past year.


They always offer great advice

and are quick to respond to any query, no matter how small.

The bundled software FreeAgent, is also fantastic and a massive help.

Thank you - highly recommended

Alan Gould

Alan Gould

"They understand my needs"

Over the last couple of years

Barry and the team have been extremely helpful.

They provide good and timely communications on all the

key tax and reporting processes.  


As freelance specialists they understand my needs, and provide solid advice.  Whenever I've had a question, my calls and emails are returned promptly - and the Freeagent software is brilliant!

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John Wyles

John Wyles

"Highly recommended!"

I've been working with Barry and the Focus Accountancy team for a

couple of years now and I've been

very happy with the service I've received.

Prior to commissioning Focus my understanding of how my business accounts worked was patchy at best. Barry and the team have not only

helped me gain a much clearer picture

of how my business accounts stack up but they have also made a raft of suggestions that have improved my personal and tax liabilities.

Highly recommended!

Dean Morris

Dean Morris

"At the top of their game!"

Barry and his team at Focus Accountancy have been my accountants since I started my business over 10 years ago and have provided expert advice and guidance every step of the way. It is very reassuring to know my business finances are in such good hands, whenever I have a challenge or question the response is very swift and simple to understand. FreeAgent has made keeping track of the business finances even easier along with invoicing, forecasting and other business essentials, I can highly recommend Focus for any business owner looking for a supportive accountant that is at the top of their game!

Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison

"Nothing but praise"

Barry and his team have been great.


I'm a software contractor and they offer the type of service I like: there when you need them, but efficiently taking care of things behind the scenes when you don't.


Price-competitive and run by a lovely bloke, I've nothing but praise for them.

Nicholas Hemley

Nick Hemley

"Clear communication"

I have been very impressed by Barry and his team from day one.

Not only are they professional, diligent and organised, but crucially for me they also communicate clearly and frequently, which is essential for timely and efficient interventions and a strong supplier-client relationship.

Highly recommended!

Claudia Connelly

Claudia Connelly

"Friendly and efficient"

I moved to Focus Accountancy approx. 6 months ago and I couldn't be happier with Barry and the team. They have provided a friendly and efficient  service and getting my books on FreeAgent has transformed the way I run my business. 

The team at Focus have been incredibly helpful and thorough and have talked me through complicated issues with patience and understanding. I was anxious about moving accounts due to the paperwork involved, but the process has been smooth and thorough and I wish I had done it years ago!

Simon Cummings

Simon Cummings

"Professional and reliable"

Barry is both professional and reliable. His practice has looked after my affairs for a few years now and I have nothing but praise for the service they provide.

Barry offers a proactive approach to his services, and is accessible when you have questions or need assistance. Along with traditional accountancy, he also incorporates Tax Planning and looking at ways of simplifying record keeping.

I would happily recommend Barry and his practice.

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Case Study

The Client:
CRC Production Management Ltd are responsible for the technical delivery of live events including festivals, conferences, sporting events, exhibitions and experiential.

The requirement:
The business was in need of an Accountancy Firm who could provide a more proactive approach in terms of the services provided whilst at the same time reflecting the needs of the business, something that they had not enjoyed previously.


Why did the client select Focus Accountancy
This is perhaps best answered by a quote from Claudia Ruth Connelly – Director.
After consulting with other business owners in the same industry and following their recommendations we spoke to three individual firms. We were immediately impressed as a result of the conversation we had with Barry of Focus Accountancy. He showed genuine interest in us and our business and gave us some excellent advice and this was before we had even made a decision”.

What have we done for our Client
We instantly introduced the client to the use of Free Agent Software which brings many benefits to the client and helps them take control of their finances. On behalf of CRC we undertake the production of end of year accounts, produce and submit VAT returns along with managing their payroll requirements.

The Outcomes:
We are delighted to be able to provide the proactive and overall enhanced service that the client required and deserved and to also have received the following feedback: 

We are absolutely delighted with the service we receive from Barry and his colleagues, the FreeAgent software is great at allowing us to see what is happening in the business from a financial point of view and plan accordingly. We feel confident we are now in control, they communicate with us on a regular basis and respond quickly to queries, furthermore they are friendly and nice people to deal with.
Claudia Ruth Connelly – Director.
August 2020

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