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Never miss a deadline

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

There are lots of deadlines you have to adhere to when you run a business, and it's important you don't miss them.

There are three ways you can ensure you never miss a deadline:

  1. Check your tax timeline regularly in the bottom right of your overview

  2. Turn on your Monday Motivator and Insight Emails

  3. Read the reminders we send you by email

How to see the Tax Timeline in your calendar

This article explains how to synchronise the FreeAgent Tax Timeline with your Google, Outlook or iCal calendar.

The FreeAgent Tax Timeline displays a live projection of how much money you owe to HMRC and when you owe it, so you’ll know how much to set aside for tax bills. You can export the details of your tax deadlines into your Google, Outlook or iCal calendar by following these steps.

1. Enable the calendar feed

To start, select 'Connections' from the drop-down menu and select 'Manage Calendar Feeds'.

Then select the 'Enable access' button in the 'Calendar feed status' area.

2. Download the Tax Timeline

Right-click on 'Tax Timeline' in the ‘iCal timeline feeds’ area and select ‘Copy link address’.

3. Link the Tax Timeline to your calendar

Linking your Tax Timeline to your Google, Outlook or iCal calendar will import your upcoming tax deadlines into your calendar. As new deadlines come up, your calendar will be automatically updated with the details.

Linking to a Google calendar

  • Open your Google calendar

  • Select the '+' button beside ‘Other Calendars’, then choose 'Create new calendar'

  • Select ‘From URL’ and paste the Tax Timeline link address into the text box

  • Finally, select ‘Add calendar’

Linking to an iCal calendar

  • Open your iCal calendar

  • Navigate to ‘File’

  • Select ‘New Calendar Subscription’

  • Then, paste the Tax Timeline link address into the text box

  • To finish, select ‘Subscribe’

Linking to an Outlook calendar

  • Open your Outlook calendar

  • Navigate to ‘Import calendar’

  • Select 'From web'

  • Paste the Tax Timeline link address into 'Link to the calendar', create a 'Calendar name' and finally, select 'Import'.

How the Tax Timeline works

Please be aware that the Tax Timeline is a calendar overview of important dates in the tax year, and it won't update automatically when you file a return or pay a bill. Entries in the Tax Timeline will remain until the due date passes.

Weekly Summary Email

Arriving in your inbox at the start of each week, the Monday Motivator email highlights important things that need your attention like overdue invoices that need chasing or important tax deadlines.

We hope this explains how to set everything up, but as always, feel free to contact us if you need any help with any of this, as we'll be happy to do this for you.

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