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Greg was on fire!

Updated: Feb 29

Greg Park, the client manager here at Focus Accountancy, recently took on a fiery challenge to raise money for FareShare SouthWest, a charity dedicated to tackling hunger and food waste. On Tuesday, February 27th, he participated in a fire walk at Bristol Cathedral, and lived to tell the tale.

The fire walk, as Greg described it, was a surreal experience. Despite the intense heat of the coals, he didn't feel much sensation and it was all over quite quickly.

However, the preparation for the walk was crucial. Inside the cathedral, the organisers helped Greg to mentally prepare himself, trying to put him and others at ease. They smiled at the ceiling to improve their mood and gathered everyone together for support.

That’s when they went outside, where the coals were laid out and the drumming had started. One after the other the other participants made their way across the coals. The temperature of the coals was around 1200 Fahrenheit (660 Celsius), and the embers were glowing ominously in the dark. But wood is a poor conductor, so that’s why nobody burnt their feet – so they say.

Then it was Greg’s turn. His trousers were turned up and he was barefoot. Confidently he stepped onto the row of hot coals. He didn’t stop to think or reconsider but walked across all of them at a brisk pace. With one of the volunteers guiding him along, he completed the feat successfully within a few seconds.

Watch him complete the challenge here:

In fact, Greg mentioned that the rain made his feet cold afterwards, not hot. The discomfort from standing in the rain was more noticeable than walking on the coals. Yet it takes an enormous amount of mental strength to ignore all your natural instincts and walk on fire!

About 70 people participated in the event, with a surprising gender ratio of 10% men and 90% women. Among the spectators were Barry, Marianna and Lewis, who came to support Greg. Unfortunately, Greg's parents couldn't make it as their bus got stuck, but they sent their best wishes.

While some people chose to do the fire walk in groups, Greg decided to take on the challenge solo.

The fire walk was a testament to Greg's determination and commitment to making a difference. By raising money for FareShare SouthWest, he contributed to a worthy cause that helps those in need.

His experience also serves as a reminder that sometimes, the greatest rewards come from stepping out of our comfort zones and facing our fears head-on.

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