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  • Barry Adams

Greg's hair is going!

On Saturday 6 August 2022, at 1pm, our very own Greg Park will shave off his hair to raise money for the British Red Cross, and the people of Ukraine in particular.

We are proud to support Greg in this endeavour and will match any donations up to £1,000.

Greg's long hair is very much part of his identity after he started growing it about 4 years ago. For him, it wasn't a problem that he couldn't get a haircut during Covid, as he wasn't having it cut anyway. So getting a buzz cut will feel very strange to him, that's for sure.

At Focus we only know him with long hair as he joined our team in 2021, so it will also be a big change for us.

So why is he doing it? Here's what Greg has to say about it:

"The war in Ukraine is a terrible tragedy, and I feel that it's important that we continue to highlight the plight of the Ukrainian people. They have lost so much more than their identity during this war, and I want to show solidarity with them by losing something that's important to me."

"By raising money for the Red Cross I know that they will help improve the living conditions of Ukrainians and make them feel welcome in their new surroundings."

"I will also donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust, who provide real hair wigs, free of charge, to children who have lost their own hair through cancer or other conditions."

We salute Greg for his efforts and hope that you will be kind enough to support him too. And if you want to see it happen in real-time, you can go to Mark's Barber Shop in Portishead on Saturday the 6th of August, where the shaving will take place at 1pm.

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