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  • Barry Adams

Get data from receipts automatically

FreeAgent have launched a new time-saving feature that extracts information from your receipts automatically.

With the new Auto Extract feature on the FreeAgent mobile app, you will no longer need to enter the date and total amount after taking a picture of a receipt, as this information will be pulled into FreeAgent automatically.

You can then convert a receipt into an expense or attach it to a bank transaction.

This new feature is an enhancement of the 'Capture for Later' function that you may have been using already.

Here is a quick overview of how to use it:

Navigate to the relevant file in the ‘Files’ area

Open the FreeAgent mobile app, tap the three-lined 'hamburger' icon at the top-left of the screen to open your 'Settings' menu and select ‘Files’.

Select the relevant file from the list. A lightning bolt icon will identify which files the ‘Auto Extract’ functionality can extract data from.

Convert the file to an out-of-pocket expense

Review the file, receipt date and the total value. Once you’re ready to proceed, select ‘Convert to a new expense’.

A new out-of-pocket expense will be created with the file as an attachment. The automatically extracted information is highlighted with a lightning bolt symbol.

Next, complete any additional relevant fields for the expense.

Review all of the expense details and once you’re ready to proceed, select ‘Save’ in the top-right corner.

You will find more information on how to do this on the FreeAgent website, or of course, you can contact us for any help you might need.

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