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Automated debt collection

Updated: Apr 6

Do you struggle with late payments and poor cashflow?

The late payment culture in the UK is an issue. At any given time, SMEs in the UK are owed up to £50 billion in outstanding payments, and the situation is likely to only get worse in the current climate.

But debt collection is often an uncomfortable task that many small business owners dread. They are worried about damaging the relationship with the customer, and they

leave it till last, therefore negatively impacting their cashflow.

If you struggle with late payments and poor cashflow, and are worried about maintaining positive relationships with customers, we can help.

Here at Focus we are proud to offer itsettled as part of the tailored package for our customers.

It allows you to automatically collect payment on invoices, making the process professional, quick and stress-free. It’s an ideal solution for businesses that need a credit controller, for a fraction of the price of employing someone.

You have the choice of three packages based on your needs, hosted on an intuitive dashboard and including all compliant emails, letters and call scripts needed to run an effective credit control process.

There’s also the option to have itsettled manage the posting of all letters, reducing a potential barrier for time-poor businesses and their owners.

The clear dashboard will show you how much you have outstanding and what your next action is.

It is very easy to set up and you can start chasing your first overdue invoice within minutes. Click the button below to get a lifelong 10% discount on the price of the packages, which start at £20 per month.

Click button to sign up to itsettled

About itsettled

With 25+ years of Credit Management experience, itsettled co-founders Glen Morgan and Jonathan Wingrove used their expertise to design the best collections process possible. They then automated it to ensure that all businesses could use it to achieve their collections targets. Their process has been responsible for collecting in over £420 million to date - this means you can be confident your overdue invoices are being taken care of.

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